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What I Do

My mentors have imbibed into me the importance of THREE STEPs of the golden triangle of ” LEARN – DO – TEACH “


I like to keep on upgrading my core with the help of – READING , WRITING , SPEAKING and THE MOST IOMPORTANT – ” THINKING ” ..


I keep on learning new concepts / strategies / tools to keep myself updated with the latest trends and keep my overall wealth wellness quotient.


I implement the strategies / methods learnt in best of my humble capacity. It is very critical to test the strategies / methods and document the results and learnings outcome – those have helped me to gauge the performance and to identify any mistakes – to correct the course of action.


It is equally important to share my experiences and learnings in the form of knowledge nuggets with the vibrant and dynamic community. This is my way of spending good time in this wonderful world – Teaching helps me to stay happy , healthy , humble , honest and helping is the best way of giving back to the human community.


I like to collect the best of resources in the form of books / articles and snippets of digital content that comes my way in my humble capacity.


I like to express my thoughts , emotions in the form of poems , short articles and blogs.


I prefer to record the learnings in the form of Podcasts / Videos. I treat it as a kind of service to the dynamic and vibrant community that I am surrounded with.

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My e-Books & Courses

The eBOOKS are completely FREE for your usage and shared with you in good faith. I believe these nuggets will help you to understand some of the important principles of building a decent wealth wellness.

My Story

I am a Father of a loving daughter , husband of a super amazing lady with the beautiful mind Son to a Proud Father and Most Caring Mother .

I am a Mechanical Engineer by education turned to IT Professional – a 12 year journey from being a trainee to being Project Management Professional had a bitter sharp turn. In 2016 my life pushed me hard to become a initially jobless suddenly – facing the harsh reality of being jobless gave me early bird prize of turning myself into a PassionPreneur – that has finally helped me to live a life of FREEDOM , ABUNDANCE. My HEALTH and WELLNESS QUOTIENT of WEALTH and HEALTH has increased a LOT.

With the kind of challenges I fought with , things I learnt the hard way and finally earned the methods to deal with the tough situations in past five years has given me immense confidence – While I conquered all these hustles – I have enjoyed every single moment of my life with my Amazing Wife , Wonderful Daughter and my precious coveted Parents 🙂

I am presenting myself here digitally through this web portal to express my gratitude to the community sharing the things those helped me to come out of the blues and get back to the amazing thing called – LIFE. I am sure that this small and humble attempt to share my learnings , strategies and methods will help you all to increase the Wealth and Wellness Quotient. Stay Connected, God Bless !!!

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