My Story

I cordially invite you to be the part of the WOW HUB to connect and grow together as a part of like minded elite community.

I am a Father of a loving daughter , husband of a super amazing lady with the beautiful mind Son to a Proud Father and Most Caring Mother .

I am a Mechanical Engineer by education turned to IT Professional – my 12 year journey from being a trainee to being Project Management Professional had a unexpected bitter sharp turn. In 2016 my circumstances pushed me hard – facing the harsh reality of being jobless suddenly without any back up plan gave me early bird prize of turning myself into a Passion-Preneur.

The journey was not easy , however I learnt to deal with it in my way and some of the best mentors helped to change my attitude , learn new things , do the actions and simultaneously teach it to people around me to help them in the most genuine way as much as possible to me.

While I conquered all these hustles in a tough way – in spite of all shortcomings / hurdles and struggles – I have enjoyed every single moment of my life with my Amazing Wife , Wonderful Daughter, my most precious coveted Parents 🙂

All those things I learned the hard way finally helped me to live a life of FREEDOM , ABUNDANCE. My HEALTH and WELLNESS QUOTIENT of WEALTH and HEALTH has increased a LOT.

I am presenting myself here digitally through this web portal to express my gratitude to the community sharing the things those helped me to come out of the blues and get back to the amazing thing called – LIFE. I am sure that this small and humble attempt to share my learnings , strategies and methods will help you all to increase the Wealth and Wellness Quotient. Stay Connected, God Bless !!!

Feedback & Reviews

In my humble capacity – I have helped a mix people in achieving their wealth wellness and that is how they have expressed their experiences.

Being a dynamic and resourceful NRI I am always looking for opportunities to invest in India and Overseas. The earlier investments have paid off really well. However , up marker and trending information on how global markets operate and how to tap some of the interesting novel alternate methods of investments in terms various buckets – funds , stocks and other non-physical / conventional digital assets was needed. The wealth wellness bundle has helped a lot in this objective

Nitin Pagar

NRI / Saudi Arabia

Being a business owner is a high risk high reward game. The wealth wellness bundle has helped me to choose right mix of risk management products available to cover personal and business risks in optimized manner. The forex markets blueprint helped me to deal with right set of forex risk management tools / options available to hedge currencies for overseas payments.

Dr. Ashish Polkade

Serial Entrepreneur / Business Owner

The wealth wellness bundle has helped me to underatand the principles behind wealth accumulation and growth. I was able to optimize my insurance selection and equity modules helped me to understand the equity markets better.

RandhirSingh Rajput

Delivery Manager / Multi National Company

What Can I Do for You?

We can connect to know each other . we can discuss the basic principles of wealth accumulation and learn some really interesting ways to manage and grow wealth – of course lots of FREEDOM / ABUNDANCE and The WOW LIFESTYLE is interesting outcome that comes as a bonus with it.

It is open opportunity to connect and grow together as a community.

With the WOW HUB you can learn to identify the basic principles of wealth building.

Audit your current financial status – to balance the assets and liabilities

Learn how to plan and execute you long term investment goals

Learn about nascent and out of the league investment opportunities being used by super rich to grow their wealth many fold.

Identify the gaps in your risk management and optimize with eight set of insurance products.

Need Advice?

It’s good to connect / discuss and collaborate to exchange ideas. If you are interested to connect with me and would like to be the part of my community please feel free to book an appointment – click below !!!